Top Private Schools near Chestnut Hill

Top Private Schools near Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, is renowned not only for its picturesque streets and vibrant community but also for its proximity to some of the finest private educational institutions in the region. This blog highlights top private schools near Chestnut Hill, offering parents and guardians insights into where they can find exceptional educational opportunities for their children. Each school discussed here is known for its rigorous academics, supportive environments, and dynamic extracurricular programs, making them standout choices among Chestnut Hill private schools.

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia

Pre-school and Grades 1–8

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia offers a distinctive educational approach based on the principles developed by Rudolf Steiner. This school provides a holistic learning environment that nurtures children's intellectual, artistic, and practical skills from early childhood through eighth grade. The Waldorf School’s tenets are diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). It receives an A+ overall grade on Niche. With a curriculum emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, the Waldorf School of Philadelphia fosters a love of learning and a deep respect for the natural world.

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Grades pre-K–12

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, a prominent figure among Chestnut Hill private schools, offers a unique coeducational experience in an originally single-sex environment. The school serves students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, providing a progressive education emphasizing academic and personal growth. SCH has a student body of about 1,100 and a student-to-teacher ratio of just 8:1. With state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to innovative teaching, SCH Academy is an academic powerhouse preparing students to become leaders in a rapidly changing world.

The Crefeld School

Grades 7–12

For those seeking a more intimate learning environment, The Crefeld School offers a unique alternative. The small private school claims to be the “only secondary school of progressive education” in Greater Philadelphia. Serving grades seven through twelve, Crefeld and its faculty focus on experiential learning and individualized education plans. Crefeld’s commitment to social justice and community service integrates real-world issues into the curriculum, preparing students for collegiate success and lifelong civic engagement. It receives an A grade for clubs and activities on Niche.

Norwood-Fontbonne Academy

Grades pre-K–8

Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic independent academy for children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, boasts a rich history of academic excellence. The school's dual curriculum of Montessori and traditional methods offers a comprehensive educational approach that caters to diverse learning styles. With a sprawling campus in Chestnut Hill, students enjoy a scenic learning environment and rigorous academic standards. Norwood-Fontbonne has a 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio with a full-time faculty of about 40 teachers.

Germantown Friends School

Grades pre-K–12

Located just a short drive from Chestnut Hill, Germantown Friends School is an established Quaker school known for its rigorous academics and ethical education. Founded in 1845 and serving students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, GFS encourages students to pursue scholarly excellence and personal integrity. The school's extensive extracurricular programs, including arts, sports, and community service, foster a well-rounded educational experience. GFS receives A+ grades from Niche for its academics, teachers, college prep, and extracurriculars.

William Penn Charter School

Grades pre-K–12

As one of the oldest Quaker schools in the world, William Penn Charter School offers a blend of historic values and modern educational practices. Located within easy reach of Chestnut Hill, this school provides a K-12 education that balances intellectual, artistic, and athletic development. Niche awards Penn Charter A+ grades in academics, college prep, and extracurriculars. Penn Charter's commitment to inclusivity and service makes it a leading choice for families dedicated to comprehensive education.

La Salle College High School

Grades 9–12

La Salle College High School offers a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum rooted in Catholic values for those looking for an all-boys educational environment. This school is known for its strong brotherhood, competitive athletic programs, and high academic standards. La Salle's commitment to developing moral and ethical leaders is mirrored in its extensive community service programs and global education opportunities. As of 2024, La Salle ranks in the top five of Pennsylvania’s best high schools for athletes, Catholic high schools, and all-boys high schools. Virtually every student goes on to attend a four-year college.

Mount Saint Joseph Academy

Grades 9–12

Founded in 1858 and located in Flourtown, Mount Saint Joseph Academy is an all-girls Catholic high school that prides itself on empowering young women. This school combines strong academic programs (A+ Niche grade for academics) with leadership opportunities, aiming to inspire confidence and success in all areas of life. MSJ Academy's supportive environment and commitment to excellence make it a top choice for girls' education in the area. The school’s “Women as Founders” course engages students and allows them to advocate for social change.

Abington Friends School

Ages 3–12

Although a bit farther from Chestnut Hill, Abington Friends School is worth considering for its robust Quaker education. This school serves students from nursery through twelfth grade and emphasizes intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. AFS’s project-based learning approach and vibrant arts programs encourage students to explore their passions while developing critical thinking and collaboration skills. It receives A+ grades on NIche for academics, college prep, and extracurriculars.

St. Joseph's Preparatory School

Grades 9–12

St. Joseph's Preparatory School, a Jesuit boys' high school, is known for its rigorous academics and spiritual education. Located near Chestnut Hill, "The Prep" is celebrated for forming men of faith and character. The school's strong alumni network and community involvement make it a beacon of success in college preparation and personal development. Founded in 1851, The Prep claims students get two educations: “one in the classroom and one from the world around them.”

Ancillae-Assumpta Academy

Grades pre-K–8

Completing the list is Ancillae-Assumpta Academy, a coeducational school that offers a hands-on approach to learning for students from preschool through eighth grade. Known for its Montessori beginnings, Ancillae now incorporates a variety of teaching styles to cater to a diverse student body. The academy's commitment to academic excellence and character development is evident in its joyful and engaging educational environment. It receives top marks from Niche for academics and teachers.

Parents seeking quality education in Philadelphia have excellent options near Chestnut Hill. The private schools in this area offer diverse environments and educational philosophies, ensuring families can find the right fit for their children’s needs. With strong academic programs, committed faculties, and vibrant communities, these schools are prime examples of what Chestnut Hill private schools offer.

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