A step-by-step guide to avoiding pitfalls and getting the highest price for your home

Selling your home, even in a strong seller’s market, can be difficult, and when you’re also preparing to move at the same time, it’s more than someone should handle on their own. Hiring an experienced real estate agent can simplify the process significantly and provide protection for the seller, ensuring that the deal doesn’t get dropped because of obstacles and that no money is left on the table. From local to international deals, we have the knowledge and experience to get your house sold quickly for the maximum possible profit, and our thick address books guarantee we have a contact that can solve any issues that occur along the way, from a small electrical repair to your entire backyard needing to be graded. Our signature three-step process helps to streamline the process so that you can focus on your life.



The first step is to schedule a consultation at your house where your agent will cover the process of selling a home, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the current market so that you know what to expect when your house is listed. The agent will also evaluate the property, taking note of any repairs or upgrades that should or could be made to help accelerate the sale. 

Then we take the information to evaluate the value of your house compared to nearby homes and other homes on the market to set your listing price. Once everything has been discussed with and approved by you, you will sign the contract allowing us to work on your behalf.


step 2

When the house is ready to be listed, your agent will arrange for a stager, professional real estate photographer, and videographer to come in and display your home to its best advantage. From there, the team will put together a plan to promote your house, from the marketing copy to listing across multiple platforms, as well as how showings and open houses will be handled. 

We list houses across the MLS sites but also in print advertisements and across social media platforms to ensure that all potential buyers see your house as their next possible home. We’ll escort interested parties through the showing so that you don’t have to take off work or cancel plans, and we can answer questions on your behalf. After a buyer has opted to put in an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf, using our skills and experience to ensure that you have the best possible deal, including due diligence on buyers. When the offer has been accepted, we will begin to navigate the mountain of paperwork, regulations, and other elements that must be handled before closing. This can include inspections, mortgage payoffs, and more.



You have two options for closing – it can be handled in person, or you can finish the deal remotely, making it easier if you’ve moved to a new home a distance away. Our goal is to ensure that closing goes smoothly so that you don’t have to worry about your old house delaying your new deal or costing you money. We can even hand the keys to the buyer on your behalf.

Handling all of the elements of a successful sale can be a full-time job, and sellers who don’t use an agent generally make up to 25% less on the sale than those with the foresight to hire a professional. Our negotiation skills, extensive black book, marketing experience, and well-rounded team are invaluable tools in selling your house faster and for more money, with far fewer headaches along the way. Instead of spending hours every day trying to navigate laws and a fickle market, contact Liz Clark to find out even more about how you can streamline your home sale.

Don't Stress About Selling Costs

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Selling your home can get expensive with repairs, staging and more. Our Compass Concierge program helps ease the financial burden so you can focus on moving.


If you’re thinking about selling your home, obsessively scrolling for a house, planning a relocation to the area, or just feel unsure where to start, we can help. Reach out for a zero-pressure 30-minute phone or video meeting to get started. We are here to listen, support, and educate so you can feel confident with your decisions in our swiftly moving market.