Looking to Relocate?

As Philadelphia continues to knock it out of the park with affordable real estate, world-class universities, museums, parks, and thriving arts and food scene, more and more folks are choosing to call Philly home. If you have decided to relocate to our city, but haven’t yet landed, we are available to tour homes on your behalf, utilizing video calling and audio recordings to give you a better sense of the house beyond online photos.  In the last few years as Philadelphia’s popularity has grown, many of my clients have been able to purchase homes sight unseen’ minimizing flight and transit costs during their search phase.  If you are lucky enough to be able to come out to do your searching in person, my team and I can maximize your time in town, so you get a faster lay of the land and see the best options first. 

I found Liz from Yelp and couldn't have been any happier. She's outstanding… Everything was done via text, email, or phone and it was seamless. I only met her twice and yet she was always incredibly warm, kind, and honest. She knows real estate more than just knowing numbers, meaning that she knows how to talk to people in the business in a manner that is polite, courteous, and direct. Liz and her team a...

— Seller | Relocation

Liz was our relator purchasing our first home in Philadelphia from out of state. This could have been an incredibly stressful experience for us (moving to a new state, pregnant with our first baby, buying our first house all at the same time), but Liz made it so so easy and so great. Liz is easy to be around, funny, kind, and, most importantly, KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING. Listen to her. I have no idea how...

— Buyer | Relocation


If you’re thinking about selling your home, obsessively scrolling for a house, planning a relocation to the area, or just feel unsure where to start, we can help. Reach out for a zero-pressure 30-minute phone or video meeting to get started. We are here to listen, support, and educate so you can feel confident with your decisions in our swiftly moving market.

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